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Brooke Sproc is the founder and owner of Future Florals. When she’s not arranging flowers for your beautiful events, she’s spending time with her son, Collin. Every day she tries to take deep breaths and encourages others to do the same.

Brooke is passionate about the creative process and thrives on sharing her creations with others. She gained a reputation for curating a collection of unique flowers and creating stunning arrangements with them. When it comes to making someone’s day, no detail is too small.

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brooke spoc


For every dreamer, there's a dream. The future of the company is on a mission to create more beautiful arrangements with a team that LOVES what they do. We support all dreamers and aim to build a multidimensional business where artists, especially in the everyday consumable products area like coffee, cocktails, small plates, housewares, and personal care can create and share their passion in a joined space.